12 steps to perfect wedding make-up

Wowme Academy’s very own bridal make-up artist Nikki gives us her 12 top tips for making sure you look picture perfect on your big day.


1. Choosing the right make-up artist

Arrange a trial  with the Wowme Academy and make sure you take lots of images of looks that you love from magazines and online. Makeup artists there will make sure you get the natural look which is always better than the smokey eyes and bright lipstick look!


2. DIY wedding make-up

However, If you are confident in applying your own make-up (and you know wedding day nerves won’t get the better of you), you can opt to apply your wedding day make-up. Remember though, wedding make-up is different to applying regular make-up – it has to last all day and look photographically perfect in daylight as well as indoors. Book a lesson or even a tutorial with the Wowme Academy, our make up artist will recommend different brands and you can cherry pick the best of each brand, rather than buying it all from one cosmetics counter.


3. What makeup look should you go for?

Look through bridal magazines (Brides Magazine is the best)  and online for inspiration – you can get great ideas not only from bridal magazines, but also from red carpet images – the hair and make-up on the red carpet is always stunning!

If your wedding dress is soft, romantic and pretty, a heavy smoky sexy make-up is not going to compliment your dress. Even if you LOVE this style of make-up, you will need to soften it slightly so that it works with the gown. Again, the same applies to your hair – if you choose a soft, boho, loose  hair design, you will need to keep the make-up pretty and dewy, so that everything works ‘together’ rather than clashing.


4. First and foremost,  begin with the right skincare

Not just ‘any old’ moisturiser before your make-up will do! – If it is too thick and greasy, your make-up will ‘slide off’ within hours. Unless your skin is very, very dry, opt for a light, oil free moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated and will create the perfect base for your make-up. A small amount of eye cream is fine if needed, along with lip balm too.


5. Primer is a must

The right primer will not only help your make-up look perfect for longer, it will also help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles and open pores. Apply all over your face (a small amount is sufficient) after skincare, before foundation.


6. Your foundation is important- it’s job is to make your skin look natural!

Invest in a good foundation (you do get what you pay for) and remember, it’s not just about getting the right colour, it is also about getting the right formulation. Get samples from counters, take them home and wear them in daylight, all day (until evening) until you find the one for you. Wowme Academy’s top tip – apply in THIN layers, starting from the middle of the face and blend outwards using a foundation brush.


7. Apply concealer AFTER foundation, not before

If you apply your concealer first, you will rub most of it away anyway when you apply your foundation, whereas if you even out your skin tone first with foundation, you will then need less concealer.

The key here is to purchase two concealers not one. Why? as the concealer you would buy to cover blemishes will be too dry to use under the eyes, so make sure the concealer you have is suited to the areas you need to cover.


8. Use powder to set your make-up only!

Avoid being too heavy handed with powder, your skin will look drier, older and cakey. Avoid using a massive powder brush – opt for more of a blusher sized brush and lightly dust your t-zone, your eyelids (to avoid eyeshadow creasing) and with the tiny amount left on the brush, dust over the rest of your face.


9. ‘Sparkly’ products should be a No-No!

Stay clear of any eyeshadows/ face powders/ highlighters with a lot of sparkle as they will ‘bounce’ off  flash photography. You can opt for products with a little shimmer – this looks more sophisticated and just apply these products in small amounts, using your fingers and blend well.


10. For the bridal glow….

….. use cream blushers – applied to the apple of the cheeks and blended upwards and outwards towards the hairline, it creates the most flattering modern look on the cheeks compared to powder blushers which can sometimes look flat.


11. Use waterproof make-up for obvious reasons!

That includes waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliners (pencil/ liquid/ gel), specific eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow paints/ sticks/ bases which all help towards creating an eye make-up look that once applied, won’t budge!

Keep under the eye area eyeliner free if you know you are going to cry a lot and make sure you curl your eyelashes before applying black (which looks best on everyone), waterproof mascara.

Cotton buds – have a few to hand to tidy up around the eye area if needed if you cry (and don’t forget the tissues too)!


12. Picking the perfect lip colour

Opt for a shade which compliments your blush – so if your blush is more of a coral tone, go for a more coral lipstick and the same applies for pink tones. Also be wary of lip colours/ tones that make teeth look yellow (not a good look with a white wedding dress)!  Keep your lip products to hand to re-touch if required.

Finally, one last tip from the Wowme Academy:

For the evening reception, all brides need to also have a blusher (you will be in a darker light for the party so you can apply more if you want too) and also, to maybe make your eye make-up a little more ‘smoky’, you can simply run an eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of the eye and add a little more mascara if you want too.

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