Alevere Therapy

Lose Weight, Re-Energise and Transform your Life in 2018

Alevere Therapy is a safe, non-surgical way to quickly lose a lot of weight and get a better body shape. There are two parts to this unique doctor-supervised programme; one is a diet that causes rapid weight loss and the other is body shaping so that you will not be left with loose skin or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat.

Our patients lose around a stone-a-month and we are able to predict how long it will take them to get to their target weight. Not only do we help you lose weight but we help you keep it off too. We will have achieved nothing if you regain weight, so our stabilisation and maintenance stages will get you out of the exhausting pattern of yo-yo dieting!

This isn’t a bars/shakes diet – instead we have a menu of over 35 medically formulated foods which include pizza, pasta, soups, bread, pancakes, dessert dishes and hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks like crisps. Our patients also eat a range of specially selected fruit and vegetables, which can be eaten separately, cooked with, or incorporated into Alevere foods.

Sample Menu

Breakfast – Alevere Banana Smoothie and Egg White Omelette*

Snack – Alevere Strawberry Milkshake*

Lunch – Alevere Smoked Bacon Omelette and Salad*

Snack – Hot Chocolate*

Dinner – Alevere Chilli Burrito*

*On top of your Alevere Foods, you can eat a limited quantity of a range of free foods, fruits and vegetables.

Our patients’ lives are genuinely transformed in so many ways; being able to buy clothes in high street shops, walking up the stairs easily, fitting into theme park rides, playing with their children or grandchildren, having more energy and generally feeling more positive and confident about themselves.