Brockmans – A Gin ‘Like No Other’

A unique infusion of exquisite botanicals creates a new gin experience and an intensely smooth and original taste.

This is a gin that dares to be different. So if you think you know about gin, think again. From Barcelona and Madrid to New York, Boston and all the coolest bars in the UK, Brockmans is fast becoming the gin of note.

Creating Brockmans required the different skills of four experienced and spirited guys. What brought them all together was an enduring fascination for the intricate flavours, tastes and aromas of gin. It took time and dedication to fashion the perfect recipe, honing the intricate balance of botanicals. The one aim was “to create a gin like no other, one that was so beautifully made you would happily drink it neat”. Their achievements, when you taste the resulting product of their devotion, are even more remarkable when you discover that this remains a brand that is privately owned and funded.




To make Brockmans premium botanicals are sourced from all over the world; these include some traditional tastes such as angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from Tuscany. These more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berry to create a unique recipe.

The botanicals are steeped in pure grain spirit for 24 hours to release their flavours. Thereafter, Brockmans is distilled in 100-year-old copper stills, to capture the heart of the distillation. The distinctive gin notes and the aroma of coriander married with the softer notes of blueberry and blackberry help deliver an exquisite new taste experience and an intensely smooth gin.



The unique sensual taste is sublime poured neat over ice and refreshingly different with tonic, or ginger ale. Grab a glass, some ice and allow yourself a moment to experience this new award-winning gin.

Prepare with a twist of pink grapefruit peel and a couple of blueberries. Add extra large ice cubes and premium tonic. The sharp acidity of grapefruit and floral notes of blueberry combine beautifully with the unique botanicals in Brockmans. 

For something warm and cool, prepare with a slither of fresh ginger and two blueberries, add extra large ice cubes and premium ginger ale. The soft warmth of stem ginger and the floral notes of blueberry combine beautifully.

For the mixologists amongst you this is the start of a compelling journey of new taste discoveries. For some delicious sophistication add 10ml Noilly Prat with 60ml Brockmans into a shaker with plenty of ice and stir until very cold. Strain into a Chartreuse-rinsed Martini glass and add a black olive, or a blueberry with a lime twist.


For a full range of cocktails and where to find Brockmans near you, visit their website.


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