Brows – the best accessory for your face

After the 90s trend of over plucking, many of us are left with thin brows that are doing nothing for us visually. Brow trends have changed now that we know more than ever about how their shape can totally change your face and having a fuller brow with a better shape can take years off and flatter your features. The right shape brows can actually create a more wide-eyed look as well as slimming the nose and enhancing the cheekbones.
HD Brows is the no1 in-salon Brow Treatment. It focuses on improving your brows rather than just tidying the shape you already have. HD Stylists will tint the brows with a custom colour to suit you, they then use bespoke brow mapping techniques using your bone structure and facial symmetry to help establish where your ideal brow shape should be.

To create the shape your HD Stylist will use precise techniques of waxing, threading and tweezing perfecting the shape around the areas they want you to grow in. Once your shape has been created, if you have areas that are sparse or over plucked, they will use makeup suited to your style to show you the areas of the brows they would like you to grow in on your regrowth scheme.
As trends come and go, the fuller brow trend is not going to go anywhere. Recently the brushed up brow is replacing the “Instagram Brow” and less is more with brow makeup. So put down the brow powder and pick up a super fine brow pencil or brow gel.

To find your local stylist use the HD Salon Finder.
Zoe Kennedy Professional Makeup Artist and HD Brow Stylist for Makeupbyzk. #makeupbyzk #everythingBerko #Bridalmakeup #beauty