Business Profile: Story In Bray

Name yourself and your business.
Story in Bray, Lindy Harpham.

How long have you been in business?
5 years.

What motivated you to start this business?
An obsession for decorative objects and beautiful jewellery. We had a house in France for 11 years where I developed a passion for collecting unusual pieces. When the opportunity came to open the shop, I jumped at the chance. Having lived in Bray for many years, it seemed like the perfect lifestyle change for me, having been in corporate business for a long time. I was now able to indulge my passion for creating beautiful ‘stories’ for my customers.

Can you give a short description of your business?
We are known as a ‘lifestyle’ shop where people can shop for something unusual for their home, whilst at the same time being able to purchase a range of beautiful jewellery, scarves etc.  for themselves. In essence, dressing the home and the person. We work really hard to ensure our stock is quirky, different and ever-changing. We also pride ourselves on only stocking a small selection of each product. We also offer a full style consultancy service for interiors as well as bespoke soft furnishing and upholstery make-up. We take great joy in the challenge of sourcing specific items for our customers, be it a special antique piece or a beautiful cushion.

What are you best known for and why?(a special service you offer??)
I think we are best known for our unusual product range and our customer service. Because we are such a small shop, we have the privilege of being able to easily engage with our customers and
have built up a delightful customer base who we thank for their continuing loyalty.

What sets your business aside from others in the field/area?
We think there is room for everybody but our USP has to be our unusual, eclectic range of merchandise that steers clear of ‘the
latest trend’.

Why should a customer choose your business?
Quite simply put…service and our range of gorgeous stuff!

Do you have a lot of repeat business?What keeps customers coming back?
Yes, we do, and for all the reasons stated above. Our customers know they will always find something new and interesting at Story in Bray − be it a dinner party gift or something special for a friend.

What regions do you serve and do you have any plans for expansion?
We serve local and international clientèle who often discover our shop when visiting one of the many fabulous restaurants in the village. We deliver all over the world. We have no current plans for expansion as we have a unique little spot in the heart of Bray Village. We are just about to launch our brand new website which will give our customers the opportunity to see our stock online.

What about your business makes you the most proud?
That we are still going during tough times, which is testament to courage, our team and our discerning customers who appreciate what we do.

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