˜A massive explosion of energy – full of life, colour and optimism”

This is how contemporary artist Damien Hirst describes his Spin Paintings. Hirst first started experimenting with spin art in 1992 at his Brixton studio and the works’ elongated lines stretching out to the edge of the painting embody energy, life and a refreshing sense of optimism.

One such work is offered in the 20th Century & Contemporary Art & Design sale at Chiswick Auctions on the 11th of July. An original Hirst, it has a burst of blue, overlaid by citrus yellow and is one of 250 paintings produced for a charity auction in aid of War Child. Both Hirst and British artist, Patrick Hughes, created art during a fundraising event held at the Saatchi Gallery – then in St. John’s Wood – organised by the charity’s founder, Brian Eno.
Hirst created 250 spin paintings over the course of a few hours with Hughes creating an equal amount of his ‘ghost’ paintings. Each work was numbered, stamped, dated and timed. The works were then sealed in individually decorated boxes curated by Eno and sold at the Pagan Funwear fashion event attended by the designer Stella McCartney and musicians such as Bjork and members from U2 and Oasis.
Buyers were not told whether they were bidding on a Hirst or a Hughes but each box was designed by Cally on Art Island, sprayed by Brian Eno and manufactured by Tinsley Robor. The presentation box, titled Antennae #1, also included a Polaroid by Brian Eno; a signed wallpaper designed by David Bowie; a compact disk containing the original music from the catwalk; and an instruction manual on how to recreate the entire fashion show on your dining room table following an ‘exotic’ meal no less.  The version to appear at auction is offered with the original box and its contents.