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Three Steps to Achieving Success When It All Just Seems Too Much

Life can be overwhelming… too much to do, too little time. My three steps help you to prioritise what’s important and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.

1) Ask yourself

Does this job really need doing? What are the benefits of doing it? Could I delegate this to someone else? When you have worked out if it really is something you need to do, challenge yourself to make even the most mundane and boring job as interesting and fulfilling as possible by keeping in mind the reasons you identified for doing it in the first place. Also accept that some jobs are just tedious.  So, in these cases, utilise the carrot principle and treat yourself to something special when you have done something dull, but necessary.

2) So, here’s how to get it all done

Using a journal, make a list, first prioritizing and then breaking all your jobs down into small and achievable chunks. Tick things off as you do them. Sometimes it may seem like you are making slow progress but know you are moving in the right direction. Looking back through your journal will help you see just how much you have achieved. It will also help you cope when your list is continually added to. It will give you perspective and a record of success, plus a fast track route when the same jobs come up again!

3) Know you are not alone

It may be the kindness of strangers, a professional or a good friend, but a problem shared is a problem halved, so talk to someone. You may be surprised just how much of relief it will give you, knowing you are not alone in feeling the way you do. Problems can be isolating, but brainstorming solutions brings people together.

Change begins by thinking, and then acting differently. Sometimes we can make those changes on our own; sometimes we need support to make change happen. Coach on the Couch, Alex Bailey Staines, is available by appointment for private consultations and motivational meetings. Bailey Staines

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