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Top Tips for Building Confidence

Devise coping techniques

Identify where you feel lacking in confidence and work out how you could tackle this. For example, something many of us struggle with is walking into a social situation alone. So, try this: When you arrive, scan the room for someone else also on their own, take the initiative and go start up a conversation with them – chances are, they are feeling just like you and will be really grateful of your efforts. Give yourself time limits and small challenges – say to yourself, “I will not leave until time x”. It is surprising how effective these small steps can be – you might even find yourself having a good time!

Fake it until you make it

Hold your head high and speak with conviction – no one needs to know you are quaking inside. Practise speaking with authority and you may be surprised just how much people will believe in you!

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Often the biggest introverts can appear extreme extroverts when they need to. A little fear can be a good thing; harness it to keep you sharp – it will help you perform better. Challenging our personal boundaries on a regular basis keeps us on top of our game and stops us settling into being boring and predictable!

Find your passion

What are you good at? When you can do something well you are much more confident talking about it. Find things you love – family, project, hobby, whatever your ‘thing’ is – enjoy talking about it. Harness this ‘passion built’ confidence and use it in other situations where you feel less self-assured.

Accept who you are

Spend some time getting to know you. Understanding yourself, knowing your strengths… what makes you happy, or sad… self-awareness and acceptance of the person you are will empower you and give you confidence to be who you want to be and allow you to forge your own path to achieving your own personal Zen of happiness, contentment and serenity.

Change begins by thinking, and then acting differently. Sometimes we can make those changes on our own; sometimes we need support to make change happen. Coach on the Couch, Alex Bailey Staines, is available by appointment for private consultations and motivational meetings.

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