Come to the dark side, we have chocolate!

There is nothing more decadent than chocolate slowly melting in your mouth. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and everything in between, it has long been the dessert choice of many people around the world. Chocolate has always been a luxury in life, tracing back to its origin in Central America as far back as 1900 BC.

But chocolate these days is so much more than just something sweet to eat or drink, it has become an art over the years, with more flavours, fillings and shapes being made by ‘chocolate artisans’.
We have scoured London in search of the best sweet treats and found the top 10 luxury chocolate boutiques in the city for you to explore.



This classic chocolate shop was founded in 2000 by a family in a little shop in Brighton. The owners made all their products by hand from one machine. Since then, they have moved to Spitalfields in London and are established as Britain’s leading and most innovative family luxury chocolate maker. Montezuma’s prides itself on handmade chocolate from bars to truffles and even fudge and drinking chocolate. One of their best products is their Great British Pudding Truffle Collection which features so unique combinations like apple crumble, spotted dick and treacle tart.


Rococo Chocolates

Rococo’s beautifully presented assortments of fine quality chocolate, which come in over 20 flavours, make wonderful treats and adorable gifts. With shops in Chelsea, Belgravia and Marylebone there is no excuse not to visit the old fashioned shops which are complete with the heavenly smell of chocolate pouring out of the doors. They have some unusual flavours such as Persian lime and Arabic spices. Not only do they produce chocolate bars, but some of their confectioneries include Provenҫal chocolate olives and mocha coffee beans.


Philip Neal Luxury Chocolates

This quaint luxury chocolate shop in Chiswick is an original and vibrant chocolate artisan boutique. Innovation meets chocolate in this shop where amazingly beautiful and delicious chocolate sculptures are born. The company, founded in 1999 by Philip Neal who is a proprietor and chocolatier, uses recipes designed and developed by him. The boutique makes everything from beautiful truffles to delectable chocolate tarts and even macaroons. They offer something different from most chocolate shops. They sculpt and paint the most amazing chocolate figures from chocolate shoes and animals to chocolate theatre masks and chocolate Buddha figures.



This shop in Notting Hill is the picture perfect luxury chocolate shop. The clean white exterior of the shop with its full length display window is the height of sophistication and elegance, making it look like a high end clothing boutique. As you step inside you see it is like no other chocolate shop. Melt is unique in that the kitchen is in the shop front so you get to see the chocolate creations being made before choosing your selection. They specialise in beautiful gift boxes as well as uniquely shaped chocolate bars.


Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

Out of sight in Camden Passage in Islington this shop, run by Paul A Young who has been named as Britain’s best chocolatier, is a chocoholic’s dream. The shop offers its customers chocolate ranging from truffles, brownies and cupcakes. Some of the interesting and powerful flavours include white chocolate and masala spices, salted caramel and pecan brownies, and PBJ truffles.


Artisan du Chocolat

Located in a small shop in Chelsea is a sweet surprise. Artisan du Chocolat was opened in 2000 by Irish-born pastry chef Gerard Coleman and started out as a Saturday stall at Borough Market. Their most famous products are the Liquid Sea Salted Caramels which were first served by Gordon Ramsay at Claridges. Their chocolates are intricately decorated and equally delicious.



One of the most well known and busiest chocolate boutiques in London, the store rose to an international awareness with their first shop in Brighton, soon after opening their London store near Oxford Street. This boldly coloured and intriguing shop draws you in with its fantastic window displays and amazing chocolatey smell. They specialise in cakes decorated with the most detailed and intricate chocolate sculptures you have ever seen.


The Melange

Situated on Bellenden Road in Peckham it is the finest chocolate shop in the South East of London. Run by French artisan chocolatier Isabelle Alaya, The Melange is a small, unpretentious café. Look out for the thick, rich hot chocolate and chocolate cakes. They specialise in flavoursome bars, with some of their best flavours being cumin and mint and lavender and lemon.



Customers entering Prestat will think they have stepped right into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. A dazzling multitude of bright colour meets you and immediately brightens up your day. Their products are just as dazzling with their best flavours being Pink Marc de Champagne, banoffee and peppermint. It’s no wonder that this luxury chocolatier is favoured by the Queen.


La Maison du Chocolat

Straight out of Paris, this shop greets its customers with a deep and decadent aroma and equally impressive chocolate displays. You can browse the complete collection and create your own special box of individually chosen chocolates. Other works of art in this haven of delight include heavenly macaroons in five luscious flavours.

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