Does Your Dandruff Embarrass You?

Dandruff (a common word for dry itchy flaky scalp), it can be mild from a few tiny flakes visible in the scalp or dropping onto your shoulders, (however, even the mildest forms can be quite stubborn and embarrassing) or more severe as in literally ‘snow storms’ falling onto your shoulders. In its severest form i.e. ‘Seborrhoeic Dermatitis’ or ‘Eczema’ or ‘Psoriasis’, the scalp can be quite inflamed and itchy.

It can start innocently enough. You experience the odd itch in your scalp, scratch it and think no more about it. Eventually though, the itching can become more frequent and you notice flakes of skin dropping onto your clothes. This is the frustration of a dry itchy flaky scalp – and if you are suffering from it now you will know how irritating it can be.

It’s impossible to overestimate how frustrating this condition can be, particularly when it becomes more severe. Scratching can make the condition worse (not to mention more visible) but it’s the last thing you want to do in public. This only makes the presence of flakes of skin more obvious. Even worse, it doesn’t always relieve the itching and it can make your scalp bleed if you’re not careful.

One of the biggest problems is that you end up feeling very self-conscious and embarrassed when your scalp becomes dry and itchy. Just imagine wearing something dark and feeling the need to scratch your scalp, knowing if you do so that flakes of skin are likely to end up dotted all over your shoulders. It’s no wonder lots of people – men and women alike – end up with fragile self-esteem as a result of finding themselves in this situation.

For over 25 years Hairology has been successfully helping people like you improve their dry itchy flaky scalp problems. Achieved by using their tried and tested treatments, specifically formulated to produce results that speak for themselves. So if you want to improve your dandruff and feel less embarrassed, then contact Hairology now and get real advice, real help and real results.

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