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In the 1980s when Jane Fonda, aerobics and the health industry were birthing globally, in a small exercise studio in Radlett in Hertfordshire another birth was taking place.

Swept along in the headiness of the promise of abundant health at the end of strenuous workouts, with questions like “can you feel it?” (yes we most certainly could!), I opened my first business ‘Stretchers’ where I taught groups of wonderful people to engage in Lotte Berk Exercises and reshape their bodies.

Every day I saw transformations in people’s lives just by virtue of the fact that they felt and looked so much better.

My desire to learn as much as I could, to pass on that knowledge, to empower people to be able to make the right choices for their health, and work to transform people’s lives to better health, was born.

Over the next couple of decades I studied many complimentary and alternative therapies, energy and vibrational medicine and Reiki, and became a practitioner and teacher of several of these arts.

Then, in the new millennium, along with many therapists I discovered that what held our bodies and our alignment together were our ‘soft tissues’ and not our bones. Fascia was the new word, re-alignment was the message and Deep Tissue Massage was the order of the day.

I learnt  about the importance to health of a structurally aligned body, a fully functional spine which allowed all the body organs to function properly.

This work completely resonated with my desire to bring the best of health to my clients, because I now could do so much more for them. And alongside that came the understanding that your internal biology, how you nourish your body, impacts every part of your being. Your structure, your movement, your mind, moods – everything.

To be honest, my interest in health was born out of necessity. Although I was healthy as a child, my health had deteriorated due (as I found out 40 years later) to taking antibiotics on and off for some 12 years. And this had decimated my Gut Microbiome. This in turn caused me to become very ill and have cardiovascular disease at 19.

My journey ignited in me a desire not only to heal myself but also to help others to do the same.

Elite Body Solutions is about listening to you, understanding what your problem is and helping you to resolve your issue with the most effective treatments, programmes and products.

The journey to wellness begins with rebalancing your Gut Microbiome, because the make-up of your Microbiome significantly, if not entirely, impacts your health and wellness to the point where every major disease and illness today has a link back to your Microbiome.

 Hitherto people have blamed their genes for being overweight, and because of this have felt powerless to change their physical appearance. But science in the area of the Microbiome clearly shows that it plays a far greater role in determining whether you are lean or fat. The Microbiome even impacts your ageing process.

At first hand I have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall health, my vitality and stamina and my skin after doing the Purify Programme. I look and feel years younger. Combining the Purify Programme with Trulum, which is the skin care range for the skin Microbiome, has improved my skin to the point where I am mistaken for my grandchildren’s mother!

My mission in 2018 is to help you to change your internal Gut Microbiome, to maximise  your health outcomes and, once and for all, to rediscover and settle your weight issues.

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