Eye Like Gallery 10-11 June

An Audience with Katy Jade Dobson
Eye Like Gallery in Beaconsfield – 10th and 11th of June

Do you find yourself mesmerised by vibrant and expressive wildlife profiles? Do you feel inspired by lavish figurative images? Then Eye Like Gallery has just the exhibition for you! We’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting a solo show for the renowned artist Katy Jade Dobson this June, an event which is too good to be missed!
Focusing on Contemporary Art, Eye Like Gallery’s philosophy is simple – if we love it, we display it! And the artwork by Katy Jade Dobson is no exception to our motto… Her array of enthralling pieces captivated our attention from the moment our eyes laid upon them, and we had no doubt that an influx of admirers would be longing to get their hands on her work too.
Opaline (Elephants)
Katy Jade Dobson specialises in the use of oil paints, enabling her to achieve a strong intensity of hues and an infinite amount of textural possibilities. The result of this versatile medium allows her to create opulent paintings, depicting scenes of wildlife, and most recently, eclectic studies of portraiture. And with Katy’s inspiration stemming from the abstract painter Odilon Redon, it’s hard not to see how his ethereal style has influenced the qualities of her work.
By drastically varying the rich tones within each painting, Katy continues to impressively stimulate with her kaleidoscopic visions. However, it’s the tactile brush strokes adorning each magnificent image, which strengthens and adds to the absorbing depths of her work. Needless to say, each of her images radiates a warmth and truly harmonic aura, capable of injecting life and soul onto any wall!
Now the question is, are you engrossed by the thought of seeing these majestic artworks? Excitingly, Eye Like Gallery will be opening with an extensive collection of Katy’s work, joined by the artist herself, between 6pm and 8pm on Friday 10th of June. However, if you can’t make it then, there’s no need to panic – Katy will also be joining us between 11am and 2pm on Saturday 11th of June.
So let’s reveal what you can anticipate during this extraordinary show…
The opportunity to meet and talk to Katy Jade Dobson
Marvel at her brand new work
Get close to her outstanding original oil paintings
Be spoilt for choice with her vivid limited edition prints
Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly (or two…)
Falling off your chair in excitement? Believe us, so are we! Don’t miss out on what we’re sure will be a sensational show, and an amazing opportunity to meet the artist behind such fixating artworks.
We look forward to seeing you there!
To receive your personal invitation to the show, please contact Eye Like Gallery by emailing hello@eyelikegallery.com or calling 01494 677566

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