Getting Body Fit For The Festive Season

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was quite excited to be invited to go along and try a new treatment called Electro Slim in Elstree, Hertfordshire, with my good friend Michele; the treatment claims you can lose inches whilst simply relaxing on a treatment bed.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Paul Cowen, the owner of Electro Slim, and two lovely therapists who led us into a plush reception. There you relax on a beautiful white diamanté sofa while you fill out your relevant forms.
You are then taken into a separate consultation room and your height and weight are recorded on a clever computerised machine that works out your body fat, muscle and water percentages.

The treatment room is very private where your measurements are taken and the therapist asks you if there is any particular area you want to target − for me it was the dreaded mummy tummy. The therapists are also nutritionists so they talk to you all about your diet and lifestyle. A gel is applied to the pads which are positioned in the target areas and the machine is programmed to give you a 60 minute workout. The lights are dimmed, soft music plays; you can then lie back or read a magazine while the Electro Slim machine does all the work. The results from a session are compared to doing hours at the gym but without all the hard work!

I must say this experience was lovely for me because I am usually rushing around; not only do you lose fat but it is relaxing too. There is wireless internet in the rooms or you may prefer, as I did, to chat with your therapist.
When the treatment is finished your measurements are taken again and I was pleasingly surprised to find I had lost 17cm after just one treatment. Michele had lost 19cm. A course is recommended to get even better results which the therapists will discuss with you.

Electro Slim gives you the unique chance to conquer your everyday battle with weight gain and achieve the same results that you would through normal exercise and diet.
Paul goes on to say that the results achieved from the medically approved therapy can include: weight loss, body toning, muscular development and rehabilitation, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and rejuvenation, circumference reduction and circulatory improvement.

The treatment is available for men and women, so with the party season approaching, why not give Electro Slim a call; they currently have a trial promotion which is for 2 treatments and a consultation for £89 with a guarantee that results will be achieved or your money back.

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