Interview with Aron Schlagman, WHiTEPAPER Event

Started in March 2013 by Aron, WHiTEPAPER Event takes your ideas and dreams for your event and makes them reality.

How long have you been in event planning and what made you want to start your own business?

I have been in the world of events for over 15 years. The purpose of WHiTEPAPER is to offer a truly bespoke and dedicated service to my clients. My drive for setting up on my own was born from a creative drive that I felt needed a wider setting in which to work, but also the changes to the world of events and the need to guide clients in an honest and transparent way.

What kind of events do you plan?

I plan all types of events from a wedding over a weekend to conferences and small intimate dinners. Even fashion shows on behalf of big lingerie brands or kids’ parties in swish 5-star locations.

What was the one event you planned that you will never forget?

Creating a wedding for a client 10 years ago. It was, in a way, the event that “made me”. Ten years on, the clients and I are friends. Sometimes it’s not about the frills and flashing lights but the foundations of a relationship built from an event.

What sets your company aside from other event planning companies?

Attention to detail and truly listening to my clients. I am not interested in doing what everyone else does. I make myself available to my clients 24/7 and will ensure that their best interests are always at the heart of my suggestions.

What is your creative process when planning a wedding compared to planning a corporate function?

Corporate clients don’t always have the time to think creatively about what will set their event apart, so the process can be a little more “yes, no, black and white”.
A wedding is all about what will set the event apart creatively. Every decision needs to be carefully considered and plotted as part of a budget that needs to give value in every area. The big things that will wow and the small, meaningful touches that will be a lasting memory.

Describe the world of an event planner in one sentence.

Listen, smile, breathe, create.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

No day is the same. I love the challenge of hitting a deadline or problem solving; taking a step back and ensuring that every piece of the event puzzle fits together.


What motivates you when you are not feeling particularly creative?

Coffee! I love walking the streets, or sitting in a coffee shop and just watching the world go by. Before you know it, you have fixed your eyes on what others might think is something completely random, but for me is the kernel of an idea that I can see in its finished form.

What plans do you have for the future of WHiTEPAPER Event?

This year London, next year – the world…



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