Jan Masny at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze – Grosvenor Square

Gordon Ramsay’s maze, in collaboration with A Space For Art, are proud to present the first public exhibition of the work of incredible photographer Jan Masny.

Jan Masny is a versatile and dynamic photographer, of both commercial and artistic flare. His oeuvre negotiates different themes from fashion to portrait, from art collaboration to advertising.

Masny’s practice is economic and his photographs simple and minimal. The aim is to specifically emphasise their content, be that a product, an artistic collaboration or physical movement. However the artistry of the image is never sacrificed for commerciality, each image promotes a gestural quality inherently dichotomous to the automated mechanical nature of photography. This dichotomy is manifest in Masny’s fascination with polarities and contrasts of meaning, which lends itself to an ability to extract often-unexpected aspects from his subjects, contributing a surprising vigor and depth to his work.

Jan Masny began his photographic practice in the studio of Bogdan Axman, Krakow. However he very quickly made the move to London in 2004 and has since cultivated a fruitful and engaging independent career. Masny has enjoyed advertising commissions from the likes of Sony, Virgin records, Illamasqua, The National Theatre and the Science Museum, to name a few, and international editorial spreads in Cosmopolitan, Elle, In Style, Men’s Health, amongst others. He has taken portraits of numerous celebrities including notable international musicians.

Masny’s love of photography also commands much of his personal artistic practice, documenting his adventurous pursuits in international travel and mountain climbing.
Explore Masny’s professional portfolio at www.janmasny.com and his personal practice at

The collection presented at Gordon Ramsay’s maze showcases three of Jan Masny’s collaborative work series: “Burning Chrome”, “Aquarium” and “Symmetry of Crystal” and demonstrates the inspiring variety of his output.

A Space For Art is pleased to be able to continue their collaboration with maze and to host what we believe will be the pivotal exhibition of the incredible work of Jan Masny.

Exhibition will be open from 10th June and prints will be available for sale in limited editions

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