Kelly Swallow’s Chairs

Kelly Swallow’s chairs: unique and personal – taking bespoke to whole a new level!

Kelly Swallow’s chairs are individually sourced vintage and antique pieces. The charm and unique personality of each piece is rediscovered by lovingly matching it with an exciting collection of fabrics to create a unique piece with newfound splendour.

Kelly produces stunning, bespoke designs by allowing her clients to be involved at every stage of the process of creating their own unique piece. She starts with a conversation about the story the chair will tell, developing ideas about fabrics, colours, textures and features. The finished beautiful piece can include embroidered features, dates or monograms, favourite or treasured fabrics or patterns which reflect the styles and colours in the client’s home and tell their unique story – creating an heirloom of the future.

Kelly Swallow’s website showcases her vast catalogue of past works, illustrating her signature style of combining beautiful, vintage chairs with stunning and unexpected fabrics in a unique way – always with a sense of fun. Kelly Swallow works on commissioned pieces, at affordable prices, and is happy to work on clients’ own treasured chairs.

Kelly’s latest range is the ‘Captured Moment’ range of photo chairs. The inspiration for the photo range of chairs came while Kelly was browsing through a box of family photos. “I came across a photo of my grandmother which I had never seen before. It captured my imagination so much that I knew I had to make it a centrepiece for one of my chairs. Photos of this era are usually very formal, but this one is carefree, fun, with a hint of mischief – a captured, joyous moment in time.” The photo was printed on antique linen bringing to life the grainy quality and tone; this formed a centrepiece for a patchwork of textures and patterns which fit with the era and evoke special memories. The photos range of chairs gives clients the opportunity to capture treasured moments. Which special photo would you choose?

Kelly also has a range of ‘ready to go’ pieces for sale at

For further information contact:
07939 567 685 / 01992 310 280

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