London University Guide

If you are a student ready to start looking at which university you want to go to, or if you are a parent helping your child to decide, this guide is here to help you take the next step to choosing the right university.

The first thing to do is choose what you want to study and then look at universities that offer courses in your chosen subject. The university you choose will not only be the place you study, but will often be the place you live for one to three years, and will be on your CV for life.

When researching the 20-strong list of universities in London, the main thing to think about is what benefits they can offer for your chosen course. Compare your course descriptions from different universities and see which will be able to give you the best studying opportunities.

When comparing universities, always look for the ranking of the university for your chosen subject. Universities that are top ranked for business courses are not necessarily top ranked for art courses.

Next, think about the type of environment the university has. Are you looking for one that is in the heart of the city or in a quiet, more residential area? Do you want to be at a university with a small student body or a large one? Are you interested in a university that has a particularly active political scene, reputation for sport or a really strong student union offering lots of societies and nightlife options?

Although there are around 20 universities in London, a few are more well known than others and have a general higher rank across all courses.

King’s College London is the City’s most central university, with four riverside campuses within 1 square mile. Its global reputation is fierce with its graduates being highly sought after by top firms around the world.

Queen Mary University is well known for its exceptional medical school and school of law, both of which rank highly in subject rankings and comparisons. It is ideally located with trendy East London on its doorstep and the Olympic Park a short walk away.

Imperial College provides specialist courses in science, engineering, medicine and business and places are highly sought after. Graduates from Imperial enjoy the highest chance of being in grad level employment or further study six months after leaving, with 89.9% of last year’s graduates being in grad level jobs now, the highest in London and the whole of the UK.

These are only three of the best universities in London, but there are many more and each one has specialist courses in different subjects. Attending university is one step closer to getting your dream job, so make sure you choose the right one for you.
By Sarah Coughlan

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