The latest must-dos for Paris this Autumn

Thinking of going to the city of love? We have the latest on what’s happening this season.

The headlining event

When the leaves are turning in Paris for art lovers and collectors that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the FIAC. The International Contemporary Art Fair is to the French capital what the Frieze Fair is to London. Held in the Grand Palais, from October 23 to 26, seasoned collectors and first time visitors can view works by important modern and contemporary artists. Top international galleries from all over the world present work and anyone who’s anyone in the art world will be present, as this is a true tastemaker’s event and a place to spot the next greatest talent.

Don’t miss this!

Displays, stalls and exhibitions around the city as well as a series of events will be held in parallel with the FIAC so there isn’t a more exciting time for art and fashion-lovers to be in Paris than October. Both the Monnaie de Paris and the Picasso Museum will be reopened and celebrations of the Cartier Foundation’s 30th anniversary will continue. A major happening in the city is the opening of the Louis Vuitton Museum. Its opening on October 27 is a major opportunity to be among the first to see what is set to be one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in France. The building, designed by architect Frank Gehry, resembles a cloud of glass and sits in the Jardin d’Acclimatation in the northern part of the Bois de Boulogne. Exhibition galleries dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions, an auditorium for performances and events as well as an amazing panoramic view awaits visitors to the cloud. One of the first showcases will be of the architectural project itself.

Movie Magic

The kids will love you forever if you jet them over to Disney Land Paris to enjoy Ratatouille Land, which is the newest attraction at the theme park. At Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy visitors shrink down to the size of a rat and join Rémy and his friends as they scurry through the kitchen, dining room, and walls of Gusteau’s famous Parisian restaurant, all the while trying to avoid the nemesis from the film, Chef Skinner. This first of its kind Disney attraction immerses guests into an animated world like never before as they experience what it’s like to be a rat in a human sized world. Don’t forget to visit the shop and go for a serving of ratatouille at the rat-scale themed table service restaurant.

Wheelie Casual Eating

They may seem a far cry from the chic bistros that first come to mind when you think of dining in Paris, but food trucks and street food stalls are de rigeur and even delicacies are available on four-wheels. Most recently fish has come to counter the trend for meat so lobster bars have increased in number in Paris. The Oyster Bar of Dessirier offers a delicious club sandwich with lobster and oysters can also be enjoyed at the Mary Celeste.  Traditional tacos, burgers and hotdogs are also on the menu but expect it with flair. La Candelaria launched a trend for tacos among trendies in the Haut-Marais, the L de Liza specializes in Lebanese sandwiches and the empanadas at Clasico Argentino were so successful the outlet opened three new eateries. Check or for locations.

Hip Hotels

There are many choices of places to stay but among the most fashionable addresses is The Buddha-Bar Hotel, located in a former 18th century Parisian mansion house in the 8th arrondissement. It is a wonder of neo-Asian design and French art de vivre. In the same area the Hôtel Marquis Saint-Honoré has elegant suites, while nearby Hotel Swann is the first hotel in France to be dedicated to Marcel Proust. In the chic 16th arrondissement Le Félicien – a creation of couture designer Olivier Lapidus − is a few minutes from Trocadéro, the Eiffel Tower and the Bois de Boulogne. Close to the Louvre Museum and rue Saint-Honoré, the Grand Hôtel du Palais-Royal occupies a magnificent 19th-century building. In the Nouvelle Athènes district, between the Gare du Nord and some major department stores, the hotel Les Plumes pays tribute to three famous literary couples: Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet, Verlaine and Rimbaud, and George Sand and Frederic Chopin. For art lovers, Hotel Georgette, which is situated close to the Centre Georges Pompidou Centre of Modern Art, shows and sells original works of art.

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