Plus One Gallery

Antonio Castelló – Pineapples – 97 x 195cm – Oil on linen


Plus One Gallery is one of the leading galleries specialising in hyperrealism art today, representing the top artists in this genre from all around the world such as Ben Johnson, Pedro Campos, Ben Schonzeit, Steve Smulka and Carl Laubin including three winners of the prestigious BP Portrait Award; Craig Wylie, Andrew Tift and Philip Harris.

The gallery holds several group exhibitions and solo shows each year. It has been featured on various art programmes on television worldwide including the BBC and has also published three art books, notably Exactitude: Hyperrealist Art Today by John Russell Taylor and Maggie Bollaert (Thames & Hudson and Plus One Publishing); sold in book shops worldwide.

Safety Blanket

Tom Martin – Safety Blanket  – Acrylic on aluminium – 105 x 135 cm


There are three main themes in Hyperrealism; Urban Landscape/Landscape, where we can see the modern city with its eccentricities and exuberances; a good example of this would be “Autumn Reflections” by Christian Marsh. Some artists give their back to the bustle of the city and return to the tranquillity of nature such as “Surface Rings Shimmer” by David Kessler and “The Island” by Paul de Roy.

Minerva highres

Francoise Chartier – Minerva – 152 x 152cm – Oil on canvas

Still Life, with its objects of everyday life; flowers, cars, glasses, food, as we can see in Cynthia Poole’s and Javier Banegas’ paintings.

Portrait/Human Figure, which has evolved in the 21st Century introducing us to the social portrait, as it can be seen in “L (phase)” by Craig Wylie, “Urban chic” by Simon Hennessey, and “Drawing from Detroit” by Paul Cadden.

What defines the hyperrealism of these days is the contemporaneity of the subjects on the paintings, how current the objects and scenes are as we can see in “Displaced Mints II” by Cynthia Poole and “Yakusa” by Andrew Tift where they all show the contemporaneity of their works exceptionally well.

Monumentality plays an important role in hyperrealism especially in Still Life where we get overwhelmed by the surprise of seeing Pedro Campos’ two meter Coca Cola cans or Paul Beliveau’s monumental books. Ultimately the monumentality of the objects brings us close to Surrealism.

Reflections is another technique that hyperrealist artists have developed to perfection breaking our visual interpretation of what is real or not. These reflexions are mainly present in Landscapes and Still Life as we see in “Covent Garden, London” from Christian Marsh and “Minerva” by Francois Chartier.

inner city tranquility high res

Christian Marsh – Inner – city Tranquillity – 120 x 95cm – Oil on canvas


The gallery is located in 89-91 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8PH, the nearest tube stations are Sloane Square and Victoria. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 and Saturdays 10:00-15:00. If you are interested in viewing more artworks you can log in to our website For any further information you can contact us on 020 77 30 76 56 or email us to

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