Profile of a Personal Stylist

Kristine Balingit

A Personal Stylist with over 11 years in the Fashion Industry


My mission is to bring fashion and style into people’s lives and bring out the confidence in them regardless of their lifestyle. I want to inject coolness and sophistication through shape, trend, and classic pieces which will embody who they are.


Where did you train and grow your talent as a designer/stylist?


I am originally from New Zealand where I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Technology. This gave me the experience to fit garments on different body shapes and tailor them to the specified client. More recently I studied at The London College of Style


What motivated you to start this business?


As much as I love the industry I really wanted to do something that was important to me. It was as basic as I wanted to make people happy and confident within themselves. I feel if you help someone feel good about the way they look it changes the way they perceive themselves and they are more willing to open other avenues in their life.


What are you best known for and why?


I guess I am best known for my creativity, determination and passion to always stand up for what you believe in! I think you can always have your cake and eat it too. Otherwise what’s the point in having cake!


Does your business suit a specific age/sex group, and what inspires you to create a style for a given person?


I would say that my business is for a broad market. For anyone who has ever felt like they do not know where to start when they are out shopping, anyone who would love to shop and doesn’t have the time or for someone who just wants to find themselves again. I have styled both men and women from their mid 20’s to mid 50’s. I would say it’s more about how comfortable and confident they feel in letting me help them feel good about themselves. I always look at their story and what brought them to me. I look at their lifestyle and their goals, what makes them truly happy and then I focus on trying to bring out the best in them whether it’s by focusing on a specific look or just bringing them out of their comfort zone in an outfit that makes them feel amazing. I try and keep my prices as competitive as possible as I want my clients to see my service as getting a luxury haircut.


What packages do you offer? Have you worked in other areas of the Industry?

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I offer a range of styling packages from a Wardrobe Edit to Personal Shopping and Holiday packages. I have worked in many Design offices as a Garment Technologist for different brands such as Reiss, Ted Baker, Hobbs and other British retailers. In my earlier years I worked as a Visual Designer for an Australian brand which I loved.


How do you get the work/home balance?


I have to admit I work all the time even when I am at home. I try and go to the gym regularly and see friends to keep me level headed. I don’t feel like I work to be honest because I love what I do so much that it’s hard to turn it off (this is true and not a cliché).


What plans do you have for the future? Do you have plans for expansion?


I would love to incorporate my own accessories and jewellery in with my styling – I think it is the perfect topping. I want to be able to style other parts of the UK and musicians. I love travel and creativity.



There are more details on Kristine’s website






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