Sassoon Salon presents: Bi-Couture

SS14 Hair Guide

A collection of beautifully crafted looks that are the perfect expression of versatility, Bi-Couture pays homage to the world of Haute Couture. Classic techniques, such as layering and angled cutting, create textures that enable versatility: a look that is dishevelled in its natural state becomes seamlessly slick when dressed into defined shapes.

Each cut and colour in the collection is presented in two distinct looks – soft and tousled, and sleek and slick.


The Look:

Sharp and soft can be juxtaposed against one another with hairlines being slicked down to contrast the feminine and pretty lengths that are left soft and loose. “The beauty of this look can be easily adapted, which makes for a very seductive woman,” says Gabin Ahmed, Senior Stylist at Sassoon Salon, South Molton Street.

Work a straightening lotion, such as Sassoon Professional, Smooth Drape (RRP: £16.10) through the hair before blow-drying to beautifully smooth the surface of your hair. “Make sure to point the dryer nozzle downward as it will prevent the hair cuticle from lifting, which causes frizz,” advises Gabin.

SS14 Styling

For a simple, slicked back look, comb a generous amount of leave-in conditioner such as, Sassoon Professional, Halo Hydrate (RRP: £17.40) through your hair. Comb off your face and tuck behind your ears for that effortless, summer style statement. Or for a loose textured look, add a small amount of Sassoon Professional, Texture Refine (RRP: £13.50) evenly throughout your hair and dress into the desired shape for that dishevelled, loose textured look.


The Look:

A palette of natural browns, bronzes and silver toned beige- simple, but oh-so chic- the Mallen Streak complements the outfits of the models like a fashion accessory. “Here a minimal amount of hair can make maximum impact: it can be easily personalised using different colour combinations and varied placement,” says Alliah Baterip, Colour Director at Sassoon Salon, South Molton Street.

Colours are built tone on tone to give a three-dimensional quality to the haircut, and then flashed with dramatic Mallen Streaks of bold violet and deep saffron, running under the parting, to extend and amplify the lines of the cut.

SS14 Styling

Opt for either a tousled, dishevelled style with a hint of undone chic or a smoother, more luxurious and effortlessly elegant style that hints grown-up sophistication. Then, team with a sweeping side part to create subtle, understated glamour. Good condition is vital. It is essential to pamper your locks with a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week. Use a treatment, such as Sassoon Professional, Intense Restore, (RRP: RRP £17.45) in addition to your regular conditioner as it will replenish and retain moisture in your hair.

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