Secrets to making your jewellery pop on every occasion

The term ‘statement’ is more synonymous with fashion than handbags and shoes these days. Everyone is talking about ‘making a statement’ and this season is no different.

This season it’s our jewellery that is required to accomplish said creative task and, let’s face it, this is not something that comes naturally to all of us. The autumn/winter fashion shows were studded with an array of different jewellery pieces, from Chanel’s slogan cuffs and Balmain’s chokers to Rodarte’s eyebrow rings; it has become evident that finishing your outfit with a layer of jewellery is an absolute must.

The message from the designers is be creative and be playful because your jewellery box is where your individuality can come into its own. Earrings and necklaces are two failsafe pieces that will always draw attention yet the key to success is that they generally should be kept apart.

Big neck pieces fit with the season’s bohemian trend. Outfits can be punctuated best with sculptured metals and natural materials like the chunky wooden beads seen at Marni. And don’t be afraid to mix your necklaces with your chokers as seen on the Versace runway. The secret to getting it right is to think wisely about your neckline.

Use draping pieces to elongate high neck tops, chokers for strapless tops and match the way your jewellery hangs to the scoop of your top.

Most importantly, if you go big on the neck, minimise everywhere else to create balance.
Neck adornment is not the only item that has gone over-the-top for the autumn/winter season; earrings are also taking centre stage.

Pieces sculptured from gold into sleek silhouettes were seen on the Loewe runway while multiple piercings made an appearance at Balenciaga and DNKY and dramatic chandelier styles created glamour at Miu Miu. Ear candy was also brazenly unmatching, asymmetrical and even shaped like safety pins and other utility items. The key with the statement earring is to choose something that frames your face, such as long drops to complement swan necks and shorter pieces for round faces and short necks. Let them speak for themselves, give them space by leaving off necklaces and pulling back your hair.

As for those multiple ear piercings, keep the same colour hues and themes on the same ear. The more earrings you use the smaller they should be to keep the overall look harmonized. And if you want simple elegance, small studs with a high-neck top are the way to go.
There is always one thing to remember. Whether it be a day in the office or out with friends, choose something you love to make your statement about you.

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