Spring 2016 fashion watch

Spring is just around the corner and the fashion trends for spring 2016 are a breath of fresh air. If you want to be in on the hottest trends for the coming season, read on to find out what is being worn, from the runways to the high streets.

Recent years have seen influence from decades passed and this spring is no different. There will be loads of 70s-inspired cuts and prints, from bold patterns to suede. Yes, loads of suede which was one of the decade’s most loved fabrics.

Some other designers have drawn on the Victorian era. Don’t worry, there will be no hooped skirts, but plenty of ruffles, high-collar necklines, puffy sleeves and, of course, tons of florals in bold as well as pastel colours.

Spring is the perfect time to show some skin. The bare-shoulder trend is back in 2016 with many designers grabbing at the opportunity to keep shoulders showing. From off-the-shoulder tops and dresses to asymmetrical necklines and shoulder cut-outs, you will want to bare those bad boys this season.

Do you roll your eyes every time you go to your cupboard and realise you need to iron that party dress before you head out? If you answered yes, you will love this trend coming in spring. Perfect for if you are running late or would rather be doing more productive things with your time, this season will see pre-creased and rumpled clothing entering the fashion cupboards.

Wearing your comfiest pyjamas to work is something we have all thought about but is not socially acceptable, but this spring, designers are appealing to our desires and are bringing in pyjama inspired dresses and pant-suits so we can be as comfy at work as we are at home.

Ruffles, flamenco skirts and the colour red come together in the many Spanish-inspired looks for spring 2016; apt combinations for the season of love. The basic white button-down look of the classic Oxford has also been given a revamp for 2016, with the idea staying the same but the style going from simple to bold and edgy.

A trend from the early 2000s making its way into 2016 spring fashion is netting. From complete net dresses to net covered tops, designers are casting their nets out into the world this spring.

For those of you who love a bit of fringe, it is here to stay for another season. Spring will see fringe finishes on everything from the bottom of dresses to pockets lined in fringe and, of course, hanging from bags and clutches.

After fading out for a number of years, denim made a comeback in 2015 and is being carried over into 2016. Look forward to denim dresses, skirts and shirts.

Plaid is a pattern that is usually very bold and in your face, but this season sees some impressive larger plaids in softer colours that makes the overall look more relaxed and flowing.


The letter ‘X’ has inspired many looks for the spring 2016 season. You will find the letter creatively integrated into a look, either subtly formed by crossing suspenders, by the shoulder straps of two bags carried at the same time or blatantly by graphically printed on the top or dress.

Trending colours include reds, oranges and pinks – pretty, bold and unusual tones for spring, which traditionally saw more pastel colours. A few tie-dye patterns are squeezing their way in this season too.

Over to shoes and heels are a thing of the past. Flat, stylish and comfortable shoes are still in, thank goodness. 2016 will see the return of slip-ons, both closed and open toed.

Taking a look at some accessories, there is a new bag shape in town. Gone are the days of bucket bags. The new kid on the block, the half-moon bag, is showing in the collections of Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and even the designers who made the bucket bag a thing, Mansur Gavriel.

It seems as if the fashion bar has been set for 2016 and we are keen to see what trends will emerge for the rest of the year.

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