The Power of Lipstick

Wearing lipstick can be a pain, you need to make sure it’s perfectly applied, shaping your lips just right, not to mention the amount of times you need to touch up during the day or on a night out!


But can that little tube of colour actually improve your mood and well-being? Apparently, it can. In the famous Alexander Pope poem ‘Rape of the Lock’ he speaks about a woman putting on her make-up as if she is applying war paint and armour. It makes you feel confident and ready to battle the world.


Many people think wearing lipstick is about looking good for other people, but there are plenty of reasons why applying some lippie will make you feel good. It might be to make yourself feel more feminine or prettier, or adding a fun colour to your lips might just make you feel happy, it doesn’t always have to be about making yourself look better.


Although red is seen as the most sexual colour, that doesn’t mean that you should only wear red. If you feel most comfortable in brown or pink, wear it and own it.


From the bold reds and neon yellows to the more subtle nudes and pale pinks, lipstick has so many Image 5 psychological benefits. As we know, the UK is a bit of a grey weather country. Choosing a brighter shade of lipstick like red or bright pink to wear on a grey, rainy day can instantly brighten up your mood. So your lipstick works as a great mood enhancer.


Lipstick acts as a great tool for women with terminal illnesses or those who have gone through very traumatic experiences. Applying and wearing lipstick can make women feel worthy of self-care, making them feel ‘normal’.


Wearing a work-appropriate shade of lipstick can also make you feel more professional and up your motivation to do the best you can at your job. It gives you a weird but great confidence that says ‘yes, I am a woman who cares about my appearance and still am perfectly capable of doing well in my career’.


Lipstick can also enhance the feeling of being unique and individual. Yes, there are the ‘normal’ colours like red, pink and nude. But then there are the women who choose to be different and wear colours that others wouldn’t dare touch, like blue, neon yellow or black.


Of course, we are not endorsing self-obsession; there is a line between self-care and self-obsession. Image 3Constantly wearing lipstick for the approval of others is not the road to go down. Instead, wearing it for self-confidence and to enhance self-esteem can do wonders for even the most confident of women.


Even if you are just having a day of running errands, there’s something powerful about the act of caring for yourself, whether it’s the simple act of curling your lashes or adding a touch of colour to your lips.


But, at the end of the day, the thing that makes lipstick so powerful is how you feel when you wear it. When you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from others, helping you find what makes you, you.



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