Tips on Choosing Your Tiles and Bathroom Furniture

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, every day, so the decision to upgrade or redesign this particular room in the home needs careful and very personal thought. Here is some advice that we would like you to consider – but don’t forget there are many competent bathroom designers only too happy to offer theirs too.
• Before you set out, have an idea of the overall style concept – do you want modern, traditional, avant-garde or a blend of contemporary and timeless?
• Think about your budget – bearing in mind that if you last bought a bathroom over 10 years ago, prices will have risen accordingly! If you can give an indication of your maximum spend, then it helps the salesperson to guide you in the right direction.
• Think about incorporating a WOW factor – this might be a feature tile wall, a really special basin and vanity unit or a piece of artwork.
• Do some research online but buy from a reputable trader with a physical showroom such as Walton Bathrooms’ spacious and well-stocked one in Walton-on-Thames. These will have knowledgeable staff and the ability to deal with problems such as goods arriving broken or becoming faulty within the warranty period and you want peace of mind knowing spare parts will be available in the future. Good showrooms will have excellent relations with their suppliers should things go wrong.
• Be cautious about spending a large amount of money on equipment without having capable tradesmen to give you the most professional installation. It is worth spending as much as you can afford on the fitting to ensure that every detail has been considered. Tell the fitters you are fussy and you want to see the best result they can achieve. A small flaw in a tiled wall or floor, once spotted, can never be overlooked.
• Lighting can make a huge difference to the success of a newly refurbished room. Recent developments in LED technology have resulted in well-priced fittings which have variable light colour from soft glow to daylight brightness, adding interest and ambiance. Consider the use of lighting effects in niches and alcoves.
• Buy goods which you love. You are going to be living with them for a long time!