Weddings In All Weathers

It has certainly been a hard year predicting the weather conditions for your big day. I don’t think I can ever remember this much rain during peak wedding season, then sun, then rain. This year our brides have had to think a little differently about what to wear just in case the  weather really let them down. Every cloud does, however, have a silver lining though (excuse the pun), and the wonderful news is that there are so many ways to keep warm and dry whilst looking utterly amazing.

There are some wonderful bridal products that I simply have to share for those uncertain weather moments.

Pretty little jackets to be worn with your dress. Sassi Holford and Suzanne Neville lead  the way here, creating lace shrugs/boleros, shrugettes,three quarter sleeve jackets and now the most incredible new season’s item called
the “illusion top”. Made in soft lace or organza, these simple little pieces can be worn with your dress to add some extra glamour and a little bit of warmth. They are also removable which means when it’s party time you simply slip them off to create more of an evening look. They make your day look a little bit more demure, and in the evening you can look totally different, creating two looks in one with your dress.

If you don’t fancy lace or organza have a fur wrap. You can’t beat a bit of Marabou or Ostrich feather on a chilly autumn or winter wedding day. They are so very romantic and terribly practical too. These lovely little wraps  come in lots of different shades from ivory to pale pink or even cappuccino for a wonderful vintage inspired look − try wearing a big vintage brooch to add some extra twinkle to a cold winter’s day. Just divine.

Wedding Wellies − Oh, my goodness what an incredible invention! These are not just wellies in cream, these wellies are glamorous; they have heels, and they even have gorgeous little bows on the side. They are perfect for  garden weddings or walks to the church and, let’s face it, they are simply fun but totally practical.

On a practical note don’t forget your Glamorous Umbrella. Oh yes, you can even top off your wedding look with a very stylish wedding umbrella. We have some great styles that can also double up as a parasol should the sun
decide to shine on you!

Finally, it’s always worth having a discussion with your dress shop to see what can be done to lift your gown off the floor should it be really wet. We always sew a little wrist loop into the hem so that you can hitch it up in a hurry if need be. We also make sure we do a couple of bustles to enable you to tidily tie up your train so that you are not dragging it around on the wet floor which, of course, is also perfect for dancing in the evening.

It’s worth remembering that whatever the weather does on your wedding day you will still have the  most amazing day of your life. Try not to get too hung up on your Iphone weather forecaster. Focus on the fact that you are marrying the man of your dreams and this moment won’t ever happen again.

Oh, and there is an old wive’s tale for those that are rained upon on their wedding day – it apparently means great fertility!

Ellie Sanderson
Beaconsfield and Oxford

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