Why Spa?

There are many different reasons to spa. Some people want to spend time with a loved one, others want to celebrate. Some spa to look good, others want to relax.

A recent survey of the spa-going public on goodspaguide.co.uk found that a massive 82 percent of people go to a spa to get some down time and unwind. Just over 50 percent spa to spend time with a loved one, but only 11 percent said they spa to look good. Great news for those of us who opt for massage over manicures!

Hats off to more romantic partners; men are three times more likely to spa with their loved one than women.

Many people are looking to spa for a sense of wellness. It’s been en vogue in Europe for years, but using spa as a space where you can eat well, have holistic treatments and look after yourself is the perfect antidote to a busy life.

After thorough research (it’s a hard job – but someone has to do it!) the Spa Spies look at spas from four perspectives. Spa-goers in the UK normally look for fine facilities, good customer service, excellent treatments, and a sense of peace and quiet. We’ve found that pet peeves include poor customer service, noise and badly maintained facilities. Thankfully few good spas have those problems, but if you’re in doubt check out the Bubble Rating; it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

Hydrotherapy Pool - Whittlebury

Whatever your reasons, there’s always a spa that can help. For those looking for wellness, quite a few spas offer a wellbeing day where you have a session with a personal trainer, holistic treatments and healthy but delicious food. We’ve heard great things about these days at Calcot Spa in the Cotswolds and Armathwaite Hall in the Lakes.

If you’re looking to cocoon away from the world, you’ll often find smaller or city spas ideal. They’re normally very quiet, hidden away from the high street, and have cosy chill-out spaces. Numbers are generally kept low too, so they’re the perfect place to find deep relaxation. We love The Spa at Dolphin Square in Pimlico and Blythswood Square in Glasgow for all out zen.

If you want to celebrate, people generally go for the super-luxe or larger spaces where they can bring a party of friends. If we’re talking super-luxurious there are a handful of spas around the UK that offer exceptional standards; from Michelin starred food to extensive wine-cellars, from film-worthy landscapes to impeccable customer service. To reach five bubble luxury, spas really have to have it all; we love places like Lucknam Park, The Vineyard and Pennyhill Park for special celebrations.


For larger scale celebrations people generally look for spas with space. The new Aqua Sana Spa at Woburn Forest has six different spas within a spa, so there’s plenty of room for groups to explore. Other spas that offer facilities aplenty include Ragdale Hall, The Woodland Spa and Whittlebury Hall.

We’re firm believers that spa should be available to all; find your perfect spa and sample the best that UK spa-ing has to offer.

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