The World Loves Gin

A desire to capture the essence of England’s beautiful, rural landscape in our spirits lead us to the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  As the principle ingredient in gin is juniper berries, which once grew abundantly in Surrey, it made perfect sense to be based here.  With a vision of creating hand-crafted, premium spirits, we located our distillery on the bank of the spring-fed Silent Pool.  The crystal-clear water, which springs from a deep natural aquifer, is pumped from the pool and filtered on-site before use.  The pulse of this outstanding landscape beats right through the heart of the distillery and the spirits we produce.

Gin Silent Pool sl

The provenance and exceptional quality of botanicals used are at the centre of our vision and are introduced during various stages of production.  By the skillful hands of our distillers, each essential ingredient is carefully selected and, where possible, locally sourced.  We pass a hose through the open distillery door and draw our water from the Silent Pool, and so the unique four-stage process of production begins.  Our gin is entirely crafted within the four walls of the distillery with precision and loving care; no part of the production is out of our sight, even the bottling takes place here.

Our multi-award winning Silent Pool Gin is produced in small batches using a custom made still which is heated by steam from a reclaimed English boiler that’s fired on local hardwood. It’s all very labour intensive, but well worth the effort to create a delicate, complex and internationally acclaimed gin that is rolling out across the UK, Europe, USA and soon Asia too.

We coined the phrase ‘intricately realised‘ to embody our core values – to be an artisan producer of high quality spirits.  This philosophy is evident from the beautiful teal and copper filigree bottle design to the refreshingly individual gin inside and it’s the thread that runs through the crafting not only of Silent Pool Gin, but all our products.  In addition to our award winning Silent Pool Gin, which is now available in a handy 5cl miniature size, additional products include: Navy Strength and seasonal gin cordials – strawberry and blackberry, English rye vodka, Eau de Vies, and an innovative new range of Silent Pool Mist Liquid Garnishes. So now you can stock your entire drinks cabinet.  We even do elegant copa glasses too!

Gin silent pool

Every year the Office for National Statistics selects goods and services that are widely used by British households to measure inflation.  For the first time in 13 years, gin is in the basket following an image transformation for the spirit and a rise in the number of distilleries making it.  It is a vibrant market and there is a lot of innovation with a steady stream of great new products being introduced – which is helping to drive gin’s overall market growth.  But it’s not just at home, we are finding that the demand for gin has spread outwards and other countries are starting to look for craft English gins.  We’ve just launched in the US and soon Japan and Russia as well as having established distribution across Europe.  So, exporting is our main focus and area for growth.  It’s not just Britain – the world loves gin!

It is exciting times for a company that has been bowled over by the meteoric rise in orders for its products, both domestically (Silent Pool Gin is now available in Waitrose, Majestic, M&S, Wine Rack and other fine retailers nationwide) and abroad.  In order to meet rapidly growing demand, Silent Pool Distillers are expanding their current distillery, converting two adjacent barns into a home for their new 1,800 litre bespoke copper still.

If you like the sound of all of that, make your way online to the Silent Pool Distillers’ website where you will be able to buy our award-winning products and learn more about this artisanal spirit company and its range of products and services.

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