Wrightson and Platt

The London luxury gift service that is making its mark

“Hitting on an idea for the perfect present is the best feeling.”

London-based sculptors and jewellers Wrightson and Platt have been creating bespoke gifts for some of the most discerning clients for the past 20 years including A-list celebrities, the world’s super-rich and royalty from across the globe. Here, Creative Director Anna Harrold explains what makes their service so special.

“Often our clients are looking for something both meaningful and unique, but don’t know where to begin. We help them to come up with gifts that are truly extraordinary, including pieces that we design together with our clients to add that genuinely personal touch.”

Examples include a bronze sculpture of all of the children’s hands cast in secret as a surprise anniversary gift for Mum; and the dried rose from a wedding bouquet that the company turned into a beautiful pendant.

“We crushed the petals and suspended them in a resin orb which we set in a white gold engraved cup with a diamond encrusted bail. Our customer’s wife was absolutely over the moon that he had thought of something so special and had gone to so much trouble.”

The company is perhaps best known for its exquisite life cast sculpture service which is offered to new parents at London’s Portland Hospital.

“Capturing that magical time when your baby first arrives is so precious. We can cast in bronze, silver or glass and can even miniaturise into precious pieces of jewellery. The pendants and cufflinks are a particularly popular choice for new parents, with pairs of little bronze feet first choice gifts for new grandparents.”

The pieces are all created by a small team of artists in the company’s foundry in southeast London but they also have agents in New York, The Bahamas, Hong Kong and Dubai and can fly teams out to take casts anywhere in the world.

“Some of our Middle Eastern families in particular have really taken life-casting to another level – with the whole family’s hands cast into supersized bronze sculptures for the garden, and we’ve even created a full-sized horse sculpture for the grounds of a palace!”

Wrightson and Platt take real pleasure in coming up with the perfect solution for that special occasion: “We can take a simple fingerprint and turn it into a hand engraved piece of jewellery. It’s a subtle but deeply personal way to keep a loved one close at all times.”

“Hitting on an idea for the perfect present is the best feeling! We get almost as excited as our clients when we know that we’ve come up with the perfect gift combination; thoughtful, personal and beautiful.”

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