The Royal Touch’s Royal Chef, Carolyn Robb on QVC

Bill Schwartz, Managing Partner of THE ROYAL TOUCH brand, and partner Carolyn Robb; Royal Chef to Prince & Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry, have entered into agreements in the United States with QVC, Harry & David, Tauck Travel and Abercrombie & Kent. 

On May 16th and 17th, Royal Chef Carolyn Robb will present her famed Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake on QVC for the first time. Carolyn introduced this cake to the British Royal Family and a young Prince William so enjoyed it that he selected it for his Groom’s Cake for his Royal Wedding.

On May 19th, The Royal Touch Culinary Collection will be presented on the Harry & David website. (  As the premier on-line manufacturer/seller of fine desserts and foods, Harry & David will present The Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake; the crown jewel of the collection, along with the following culinary gems:


The Royal Touch Apple Blackberry Crumble

The Royal Touch Macadamia Salted Caramel Cake

The Royal Touch Chocolate Pear and Pistachio Slice

The Royal Touch Rocky Road Squares

The Royal Touch Mint Chocolate Cake

The Royal Touch Savory Bread Duo

(Carolyn’s exclusive recipes.)

The Royal Touch is also collaborating with several major food companies, including Nestles Chocolate, PG-Tips Teas and others to develop, license and/or promote Royal-infused products.

The Royal Touch brand has also moved into Events & Hospitality with agreements in place with global travel partners Tauck Travel, Back Roads Touring and Abercrombie & Kent.

Carolyn conducts speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations and culinary tours around the world, including at such premium venues as The Shilla Hotel in South Korea, The New Town Center in Japan, the Los Angeles Country Club and many others.

Carolyn is currently being featured on CNN, BBC and ITV broadcast specials due to Prince Harry’s upcoming wedding.

Reports Schwartz, “We also have a new television project in the works; Carolyn’s Culinary Adventures with the Royal Chef; a 13-episode series.

At an event at the British Embassy, THE ROYAL TOUCH brand was introduced by Bill Schwartz and Carolyn Robb.  The spirit of the brand is of the British Countryside with a touch of aspirational quality and a teaspoon of humor. Schwartz adds, ‘The growth of our brand is due to serendipitous timing; the continuous global media coverage of Britain’s Royal Family, ‘The Crown’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ TV series, and the success of premium British fashion, automotive and entertainment brands…cumulatively speaking.

‘Additionally, as there are many ‘celebrity chefs’ known on a regional basis, Royal Chef Carolyn Robb brings instant credibility and recognition on a global basis.  Carolyn’s cookbook has already been published in many territories, including the UK, US, China and Germany and Royal Touch retail cafes are open Asia.